pregnancy & postpartum

pregnancy, birth and beyond

The treatments are specialised for pregnancy, encouraging the optimum position for your uterus and baby, relieving general pregnancy discomfort, helping to support a gentle birth….and helping you feel great.

For postpartum care, it’s a beautiful way to provide the support, healing and nurturing your body deserves and to bring ligaments and your uterus smoothly back in to optimal position.

The treatments can also support the healing of specific conditions such as such as Diastasis Recti, postnatal prolapse or other pelvic discomforts, as well as helping to soften and increase flexibility in scar tissue.

The joy of this work is being able to use these approaches right the way through preconception, pregnancy, birth and in to the 4th Trimester, to help both you and baby to feel nourished, aligned and supported.

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