pregnancy & postpartum

pregnancy, birth and beyond

This is gorgeous work!

The joy is being able to use these approaches right the way through preconception, pregnancy, birth and in to the 4th Trimester, to help you feel really taken care of, and for both you and baby to be completely nourished.

The treatments are specialised for pregnancy, and work so gently to support your health and wellbeing, by encouraging your uterus and baby to be in their optimum position and promoting the 5 systems of flow, providing nutrients and oxygen to the baby while preventing or relieving discomforts of pregnancy. 

The added bonus, is that as well as feeling incredibly nurturing, working together in this way throughout pregnancy has often been found to help create a calmer and more gentle birthing experience.

After the birth, it’s such a beautiful way to provide the support, healing and nourishment your body needs and deserves.

It’s not unusual for the alignment of the uterus and abdominal organs to shift a little during pregnancy and birth as the ligaments supporting the pregnancy stretch to accommodate the growing baby. The treatments can help to support everything to come back to their optimal position as smoothly as possible. They can also support the healing of specific conditions such as such as Diastasis Recti, postnatal prolapse or other pelvic discomforts, as well as helping to soften and increase flexibility in scar tissue.

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