This traditional Native American saying sums up everything i feel about peri-menopause and menopause, but it’s taken walking through this transition myself to really ‘get’ it. 

“At her first bleeding a woman meets her power.

During her bleeding years she practices it.

At menopause she becomes it”

Taken from Lucy H Pearce : Moon Time: Harness the Ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle

It’s such an important time, it makes total sense to me now that of course the way that we’re supported during this time is going to affect how it feels physically and emotionally as we move through these transitions. 

And yet it’s another area that is spoken about so little, and that can leave an awful lot of muddling through happening

…coping with hot flushes and night sweats

…vaginal dryness and it’s affect on life, partnerships and sex

…irregular or heavy periods,

…up and down emotions and brain fogginess

…fears and worries about HRT 

But there’s so much that can help smooth and ease all of these experiences, and return it to something that feels massively empowering instead. Truly. 

Understanding what’s happening hormonally, and the best ways to support our bodies, and having the tools to do that, is what it’s all about. 

And in my experience, Arvigo® Therapy, combined with the self care practices it teaches you, plus some fascinating gems of knowledge around nutrition and herbal approaches are amazing ways to do just that. Helping to smooth out and regulate hormonal balance, cycles and blood flow, protecting and nourishing mucous membranes and supporting the position of pelvic organs for optimal health.