your stories of joy

There are no words that are enough to let you know how wonderful you are and how thankful i am to you, for every second of your time that you have given me, to help me reach my baby. Be it a face to face chat and Reiki, a video call, a message, an email, or one of your beautiful cards, you are magic and mean the world to us. 

You are the kindest, most caring person I know. You have talked me through so many anxious times, helped me find strength and taught me to listen to my body and give myself TLC when it’s needed. You have ALWAYS believed in me, and as a result of all this, here I am, a Mumma and it is everything I dreamed and more!

What a journey it’s been. There have been so many very challenging times, but also a lot of magic moments, all creating a magical, beautiful story. 

Thank you for walking the journey with me. 

Heaps of love and hugs, 

S xxx

A bubble of bliss, thank you thank you thank you

Dearest Cath

I don’t have enough words to convey how deeply deeply grateful I am to you for yesterday. I feel filled up with magic. And can only bow to you, goddess of womb light! 

I feel incredibly blessed. And honestly don’t have the vocabulary to really do justice to all that yesterday’s expereince was!

When i arrived home I honestly felt on cloud nine and took myself to bed for a dep deep nap. My body tingling with gratitude, healing and pure joy. A deep deep love was unlocked from within and brought down from above. A bubble of bliss which continues today. It was such a beautiful experience meeting you and talking and receiving the gift of your treatment. So tender and yet so deep acting on All the levels. I think it will take a week to fully integrate it all and understand what really happened. My heart and body feel loved and healed and lit up.

You are such an amazing, loving, wise, generous and inspirational woman – my heart is so full. Thank you a million times over Cath. And I know we will keep in touch and I’m booking in with you as soon as I’m back in Avalon! I cant stop wowing and smiling.

So much love to you
G xxxx  


We can’t express how grateful we are to you for your kindness, love, positivity and support. Everyone needs a Cath in their lives!

At such a dark time, you listened, gave us encouragement, brought us comfort and showed us how to find the strength to keep on believing and continue the fight for our dream. Your Reiki, Arvigo treatments and spiritual beliefs have helped heal a part of my soul that I thought would be forever lost to infertility. You really are my angel of healing.

I truly believe our baby wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t found you! Can’t wait to bring him to meet you. 

Sending you endless thanks and love always, 

N, J and baby T

We have just reached the 20 week mark…Thank you for everything Cath in helping us get here. Sometimes I think the extremes of this joy I feel now is only possible because of having known the depths of despair, and that makes you appreciate every little moment so much more! You got me through the very worst of this journey, helped me accept and embrace the excitement and promise of this new chapter, and have kept my hope going throughout all the ups and downs, and just knowing there is a little safe haven to escape to when needed it has been a godsend. Much love to you and just wanted to send you this little note of good news and appreciation.

Love L xxx