“The female pelvis is a powerhouse of energy transformation, the very throne of creation through which universal creative patterns course and flow”

Rosita Arvigo


I’m Cath, Clinical psychologist, Abdominal therapist & Reiki practitioner, and founder of Her Wild Organics. 

(And Pip, number one fan of belly massage)

I love working with women who are struggling with their hormones and their periods, or who are experiencing any of the myriad of issues that can affect our fertility, pelvic and digestive health, or pregnancy, prolapse and menopause.

The passion was born out of my own struggles with endometriosis and fertility. The journey led me away from my work with children and families as a clinical psychologist in the North West of England, and in to working with wild dolphins in New Zealand. From there, to some amazing places and incredible teachers in body work and ancient traditional healing practices around the world, to bring me home, full circle, to pass on what I’ve learned. 

I knew when I was working as a psychologist, that as wonderful and helpful as it can be, something felt missing. It wasn’t until it came together with body work, and what happens when we really listen to what the body has to say, that the pieces came together.  

Reiki and Arvigo® / Abdominal Therapy feel to me like kindness and repair in action  – reminding our bodies of what they’ve always known, and letting us press the re-set button to bring it back to balance. 

Intuitively, I feel like they ‘speak’ directly to our nervous systems in a way that brings back a sense of safety, and allows us to move out of ‘flight / fight / freeze, to restore our own healing systems back online. 

That, with a good dollop of science, clinical experience and detective work, is what helps us make sense of what your body is wanting and needing, and how best to provide it. 

I’m a #1 huge fan of the ability our bodies have to heal and seeing how much these simple approaches have helped restore hormonal balance, improved cycles, fertility and pregnancy  – and essentially help us glide a little more gently through the many transitions in our lives as women  – has been an absolute joy. 

Her Wild organics as been the latest joyful addition to this, combining beautiful, home-made traditional organic healing remedies as part of the treatments I offer, and to support wellbeing wherever you are. 

My training & qualifications

Doctor of Clinical Psychology, D.Clin.Psy, 1995

Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master 1999 & 2008

Adoption and fertility support therapist 2007 – 2018

Jing Bodyworks Massage Therapist 2017

Arvigo® Therapist Certified Practitioner 2017

Arvigo® Therapist Advanced Clinical Training 2018

Arvigo ® Therapist advanced Pregnancy and Birth Training 2019

Fertility & Pregnancy Therapist, Catching Rainbows Fertility 2014 to 2020, and we continue to work closely in all we do.

Read a little bit more about Cath here
The work I did with wild dolphins for 10 years comes in to everyhting I do, the sheer joy and presence they have.
It’s something about their energy of lightness that feels like the perfect antidote to calm our nervous systems and bring us back safely in to our bodies.
That combination of touch and emotional support is where I feel I come in.
So often it seems the overwhelm, or the pain and discomfort, or the loss and trauma are things we’re told are normal, or that there’s no other choice than to live with, but I don’t believe that. 
What feels so much more right, is listening to what your body needs and helping to bring back a feeling of safety and comfort and ease again.
I also believe so strongly that there is a really important place for medical approaches, and love nothing more than working a longside these techniques to bring the best of both worlds together for you, or if it feels more right for you, looking at the most natural lines of approach first before you feel ready to move to these next stages. 
Everyhting I do is totally flexible and it would be my absolute pleasure to sit with you and figure out the best approach for you. 
I’m now a Dorset / Somerset girl through and through, so all of this happens in out in the beautiful countryside (or over Skype) with nosy cows and chickens for neighbours!


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