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Our pure, luxury body butter to help you drift off in to the deepest sleep. Created from organic butters enriched with the purest magnesium to provide a wonderful dose of this essential mineral to support sleep, hormonal balance and mood…feels beautiful to apply and deeply moisturising at the same time.

Natural ingredients include: 

  • Ultra pure magnesium flakes sourced from the Zechstein bed
  • Organic Shea butter
  • Organic mango butter
  • Organic unrefined coconut oil
  • Natural vitamin E
  • Scented with either beautiful organic lavender essential oil or organic Frankincense Essential Oil for aded calming and sleep-enhancing properties.
  • An unscented Body butter is also available for those allergic to, or wishing to avoid the use of essential oils
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Magnesium is essential in the body for hundreds of processes, and yet nowadays, it's though that high numbers of people have levels that are insufficient. It's known as the 'happy mineral' or 'nature's tranquilliser' for the vital role it plays in supporting health, well-being, mood and sleep.

  • deep, restful sleep
  • soothing menstrual and muscle cramps
  • menopausal symptoms
  • calming anxiety and stress
  • easing headaches and migraines
  • hormonal balance
  • Magnesium chloride flakes are used as this is the most bio-available form and best suited for transdermal application and absorption.

Ingredients :

Magnesium chloride, Cocos nucifera oil (Certified organic unrefined coconut oil), Magnifera indica (certified organic mango) seed butter, Butyrospermum parkii (certified organic shea) butter, Cera alba (organic beeswax), Aqua (distilled water), Dermorganics eco 1388 (certified organic natural preservative), Tocopherol (natural vitamin E) * Lavandula angustifolia oil for the organic lavender scented or Boswellia Serrata (Frankincense) Oil for the organic Frankincense Essential Oil scented butter. 

Lavandula angustifolia (organic lavender essential) oil Contains natural occurring Linalol 

Boswellia Serrata (organic Frankincense essential) Oil Contains naturally occurring Alpha-Pinene, Limonene, 3-Carene, p-Cymene

Care details: 

Apply a grape-sized amount to the soles of your feet or legs, especially in the evening before bed to promote deep, restful sleep. Or to areas muscles that are feeling tight or crampy. Combining the magnesium in to a rich, buttery cream means there's no itch or tingling that sometimes happens with magnesium body oils and sprays.

It's always advisable to do a patch test first, as although uncommon, it is possible to have a reaction to some of the ingredients in the butters.

For external use only.

Keep out of reach of children.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Use within 12 months of opening.

Seek medical advice if using during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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Magnesium Butter

Unscented, Lavender, Frankincense


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  1. Fran (verified owner)

    First class service. Perfect for helping with restless legs.

    • cathrynfranks

      Thank you so much Frances, so lovely to know how you’re finding the magnesium butter.

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