I love working with women who are going through any of the myriad of issues that can affect fertility, pelvic and digestive health, or pregnancy and menopause experiences. 

The passion was born out of my own struggles with endometriosis and fertility. 

I knew when I was working as a psychologist, that as wonderful and helpful as it can be, something felt missing for me. It wasn’t until it slotted in to place with body work, and what happens when we really listen to what the body has to say, that the pieces came together.  

Reiki and Arvigo® / Abdominal Therapy feel like they ‘speak’ directly to our nervous systems in a way that brings back a sense of safety, and allows us to move out of ‘flight / fight / freeze, to restore our own healing systems back online. 

That, with a good dollop of science, clinical experience and detective work, is what brings it all together.

Seeing how much these simple approaches have helped restore hormonal balance, improved cycles, fertility and pregnancy  – and essentially help us glide a little more gently through the many transitions in our lives as women  – has been an absolute joy. 

Her Wild organics as been the latest joyful addition to this, combining beautiful, home-made traditional organic healing remedies as part of the treatments I offer, and to support wellbeing wherever you are. 

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