Abdominal Therapy Sessions

The session includes taking a detailed history so that the treatment can be tailored very specifically to your particular needs. As part of the treatment you will also be taught the self care massage so that you have these tools for yourself to deepen the effects of the treatment and continue your healing at home.

Sessions include follow up resources and additional supportive modalities where helpful.


Initial session • 2 hours • Cost £150

Follow up session • 1.5 hours • Cost £100

Online session • 1 or 1.5 hours • Cost £75 – £100

Packages are available • buy 5 treatments get 6th free when bought as a block 

Counselling & Reiki Sessions

Counselling sessions create a safe space to process and work through important experiences.

Reiki sessions are a time to soak up all the replenishment that your body needs to top you back up.

Both approaches work well individually and are also amazing to integrate into a combined session, taking care of your head, heart and body, and re-setting you to a softer, more gentle rhythm.

All sessions include any extra resource that will be helpful.



• In-person initial session • 2 hours cost £150 

• Follow up session • 1.5 hours • £100

• Online / telephone session • £75 per hour

• Integrated session (Counselling & Reiki)  2 hours  • £150

• Half Day Retreat Session • 3 hours • Cost £180

• Packages are available • buy 5 treatments get 6th free when bought as a block 


Half Day Retreat Sessions

Whether you are coming from further afield, or just know that you would like to make a morning or afternoon of it to give yourself a full retreat expereince.

These are Soul Spa Days – Time to dive deep in to everything that is going on for you, to make a plan that feels good for your steps forward, and a deeply relaxing and restorative treatment. So you leave feeling a million times lighter. 


Half Day Retreat Session • 3 hours • £180

Retreat Days include a combination of time to talk and either an Abdominal Therapy session or a Reiki deep relaxation session. 

Retreat Days are especially helpful for fertility experiences to help give you time  away from everything to feel clearer, lighter and to restore your hope, well-being and energy.



Online or Telephone Sessions

Zoom or telephone sessions provide you with support wherever you happen to be in the world.

The sessions blend psychology support in the form of counselling or coaching alongside practical self-care teaching and tools.

Abdominal Therapy techniques can also be taught very effectively in this way. 


Initial session • 2 hours • £150

Follow up sessions can be flexible in length and cost £75 per hour

All aspects of support are completely flexible. There is no fixed schedule or plan, and allows you to dip in and out as much as feels good.

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