Pelvic Health

“The uterus is a woman’s centre. If it is out of balance, then she will be out of balance emotionally and physically” Don Elijio Panti

Abdominal Therapy treatments help to boost circulation to the pelvis, thereby helping to regulate hormonal balance.

They also nourish the liver and lymphatic system allowing the body to detox and clear excess hormones once they have done their job. Together these techniques help to ease and repair many of the symptoms casued by conditions that affect pelvic health.

Treatments also help to ensure pelvic organs are in optimal alignment, reducing the issues often caused by adhesions and scar tissue, and allowing the body’s own natural healing to do it’s work. 


Excellent for 

• Endometriosis


• Fibroids

• Painful periods

• Irregular or missing periods

• Periods that are clotty, or start with brown blood at the start or end

• Pelvic congestion

• Scar tissue and adhesions

• Bladder and bowel sensitivities

I cannot thank you enough for the lovely treatments. It’s helped me feel so much more balanced and settled in myself emotionally, and my periods are beginning to flow without lots of brown spotting at the beginning and the end, and the PMT and cramps have been SO much better! I am really looking forward to my next xx


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