Your Stories of Joy

There are no words that are enough to let you know how wonderful you are and how thankful i am to you, for every second of your time that you have given me, to help me reach my baby. Be it a face to face chat and Reiki, a video call, a message, an email, or one of your beautiful cards, you are magic and mean the world to us.

You are the kindest, most caring person I know. You have talked me through so many anxious times, helped me find strength and taught me to listen to my body and give myself TLC when it’s needed. You have ALWAYS believed in me, and as a result of all this, here I am, a Mumma and it is everything I dreamed and more!

What a journey it’s been. There have been so many very challenging times, but also a lot of magic moments, all creating a magical, beautiful story.

Thank you for walking the journey with me.

Heaps of love and hugs,

S xxx

I was gifted a womb massage with the lovely Cathryn a few months after the birth of my son and after experiencing loss of another angel. I had no idea what to expect but loved the idea of saying thanks to my womb and body for the incredible magic it does.

As soon as you’re greeted by Cathryn, she puts you at ease. She feels both motherly and like an old friend. Clearly a great listener, she delves as deep as you need her to before you lie back onto the warming and soothing massage table. The treatment itself was both gentle and firm and allows your mind to drift off and body to melt.

I also had the pleasure of enjoying some of her natural and organic range of products, beautifully wrapped and lovingly curated. 

A beautiful gift to give yourself or someone you love. 

Isabella Venour

A bubble of bliss, thank you thank you thank you

Dearest Cath

I don’t have enough words to convey how deeply deeply grateful I am to you for yesterday. I feel filled up with magic. And can only bow to you, goddess of womb light!

I feel incredibly blessed. And honestly don’t have the vocabulary to really do justice to all that yesterday’s expereince was!

When i arrived home I honestly felt on cloud nine and took myself to bed for a dep deep nap. My body tingling with gratitude, healing and pure joy. A deep deep love was unlocked from within and brought down from above. A bubble of bliss which continues today. It was such a beautiful experience meeting you and talking and receiving the gift of your treatment. So tender and yet so deep acting on All the levels. I think it will take a week to fully integrate it all and understand what really happened. My heart and body feel loved and healed and lit up.

You are such an amazing, loving, wise, generous and inspirational woman – my heart is so full. Thank you a million times over Cath. And I know we will keep in touch and I’m booking in with you as soon as I’m back in Avalon! I cant stop wowing and smiling.

So much love to you
G xxxx


We can’t express how grateful we are to you for your kindness, love, positivity and support. Everyone needs a Cath in their lives!

At such a dark time, you listened, gave us encouragement, brought us comfort and showed us how to find the strength to keep on believing and continue the fight for our dream. Your Reiki, Arvigo treatments and spiritual beliefs have helped heal a part of my soul that I thought would be forever lost to infertility. You really are my angel of healing.

I truly believe our baby wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t found you! Can’t wait to bring him to meet you.

Sending you endless thanks and love always,

N, J and baby T

We have just reached the 20 week mark…Thank you for everything Cath in helping us get here. Sometimes I think the extremes of this joy I feel now is only possible because of having known the depths of despair, and that makes you appreciate every little moment so much more! You got me through the very worst of this journey, helped me accept and embrace the excitement and promise of this new chapter, and have kept my hope going throughout all the ups and downs, and just knowing there is a little safe haven to escape to when needed it has been a godsend. Much love to you and just wanted to send you this little note of good news and appreciation.

Love L xxx

Cath, I’m so looking forward to one day arriving on your doorstep with my little bundle so you can meet her. Thank you for all your help during this pregnancy. The first 16 weeks were really tough and I don’t think you know how much you helped me get through them.


I found Cath at my lowest point, and immediately found some comfort, security, and a bit of the most important thing I had begun to lose coming back: hope.  I always found it such a safe place – every email I got from you, Cath was such a huge comfort, our chats were always so positive, warm and helpful (like speaking to an old friend!), the IVF prep kit and blog just seemed to speak to me, and the meditation tracks were incredibly relaxing at a time when I really, REALLY wanted to relax the most.

It was so refreshing and reassuring to have an open discussions about everything and always come away feeling incredibly positive and calm – it helped me gather my rather messy thoughts into something much more manageable and much less scary.

It felt good, and it felt safe – And now, here we are – I’m 38 weeks pregnant, huge, but feeling great!  For me, Cath, has been a huge part of our ‘journey’ (I do so hate that expression, but it seems to cover it) getting here.  When I was at my lowest, Cath offered me a safe haven, and a friendship that I just hadn’t found anywhere else.  She always understood me, and I always felt incredibly secure speaking to her.  I always thought stories like mine didn’t happen to normal people like me – “Waiting for IVF and then she got pregnant NATURALLY?  Jammy bitch…”  But it DOES happen.  Cath can help you through the tough times getting there, in the safest and most magical way, with lots of love and kindness.  Cath: a massive, massive thank you from us both – please keep doing the important work you do, it really does make a difference! 


Today my husband felt our baby kick for the first time and It was everything I had dreamed of, this incredibly special moment that I honestly never thought would come actually happened to us!  We have come a very long way to get to where we are now,  numerous Doctors, nurses, counsellors, family and friends have all helped us immensely along the way, kept us positive, informed and strong enough to just keep on going.  However, for me they could not do everything I still felt I needed a little extra help.

After a few years of struggling we got to January of this year, more heartache came, the sudden loss of someone very close to us and then experiencing our 2nd miscarriage, it all got too much for me and I decided now was the time to do a little more to help me.  I hated being sad all the time, I was scared I had lost the happy smiling friendly girl I once was. I longed for her to return and I was fed up of feeling like I was falling apart, I needed to find me again. I remembered a friend had told me about a person that helped her, a quick Google search made me see it was  exactly what I was looking for. Straight away I wrote an email entitled ‘Struggling to conceive and feeling very lost’ I poured out my feelings and straight away I got a reply- this one email had led me to the wonderful Cath.

From the first email exchanges I knew Cath was the right person- she just got it and got me. I get teary just thinking about those first emails we shared- they were truly special, we just clicked (excuse the pun).

We quickly set up a Skype chat and it was just great, I told Cath everything from start to finish and told her all about me and my lovely Husband.  I thought it would feel odd talking to a stranger but it didn’t, it felt right.  I love that she just listened and asked me the right questions, she was not intrusive and did not judge, Cath just heard me and heard what I needed. We went over everything and I got to really think about everything we had been through and really process all our decisions and go over those where I felt I needed to re visit things and re think. Through emails and more Skype calls she  used her super special powers to  get me where I longed to be. I felt content, made a final decision and started to feel myself slowly coming back.

I loved that she summarised our chats in an email after- it helped me to take it all in and actually take the time to think about what I had said and what I felt and what I really really wanted. I can whole heartedly say Cath helped to get me to the decision and the path we are on today. By talking it through and hearing her thoughts and suggestions on how I could proceed just made it all slot together.

Cath has made me proud of me, I’m proud that I took the time to talk to someone and I truly believe it was meant to be that that person was Cath. When I needed that last little push, she deeply connected with me and  guided me through the last hurdle, she helped me to jump over it and just go for it.  It all felt so right. I owe so much to this incredible woman whom I have never even met. I can’t wait to meet up in a few months time and give her s huge hug and introduce her to our little miracle!!

Thank you is not enough.


I’ve found our chats transformative. It’s putting to bed some ghosts and struggles where there has been little perspective and consequently I feel stronger. 

Having a safe, funny, lady in the trenches is priceless

Your ‘notes’ (more like a talisman)’ stay on me constantly. 

Thank you so much. 


Finding out my partner and I were facing unexplained infertility was a huge shock.  My whole fertility journey has taken me to so many unexpected places.  Many of the places I just didn’t want to be.  The questioning – why me, the times people tell you their pregnant and it is totally unplanned and the times when you feel so low your unsure how you will ever be able to be happy again,

Working with Cath as my guide has enabled me to find my way and see the light in the complete darkness. At so many moments when I had no hope an e mail would pop up at just the right time to remind me that there is always hope, you just need to reach out and get the support you need to believe it.

I came to see Cath in a really bad way, so upset and confused about what was happening.  I will never forget the compassion, strength and understanding she gave me.  It was a turning point for me to accept what was going on and to start to find my way.  From our conversations I knew I had to listen to my intuition and tap into the deep self care I was lacking.  Once I got into my self care and made a bucket list that was full of fun (skiing, Las Vegas and Christmas in the Caribbean) I started to tune into what my body and mind needed. 

Certain books called to me and I kept seeing the female sign like it was guiding me to my next learning and on to what I needed to do to conceive.  All the dark places I went to on my journey now feel like gifts of tough learning I needed to break down my ego and are moulding me into the person I know I want to be.

So, after working with Cath, deep self care, my bucket list, lots of acupuncture and a tuning into the callings of my heart and intuition, Cath’s support all the way and faith we managed to conceive.  Currently I am 18 weeks pregnant and can’t thank Cath enough for the guidance and support she’s shown me.  Thank you for your unwavering strength and wisdom, deepest gratitude.

C x 

So, so fab to tell you we had a baby boy yesterday ! We are beyond thrilled !

You are so amazing, thank you for the special, special part you have played.

You are wonderful.

Thank you for all your support,

Not told any of my friends yet, wanted to tell you before.


Over the last year I have been receiving support from the gorgeous Cath. She has really held my hand from starting the IVF last summer and throughout our journey since then. She is a counsellor and also a Reiki practitioner – the perfect combination and is such a lovely, warm person.

I can’t recommend her enough to anyone struggling with fertility in anyway – she is so knowledgeable, has been through a tough time in her own journey to become a parent and is an all-round wonderful person. 


Just want to say how wonderful we both think you are. Your amazing support has been such strength.  Like a mini cheerleader in the back of my brain when I’ve had a wobble. It really is true that our hero’s come in many shapes and forms. 

The treatments have felt amazing, and leave me feeling so chilled, and your lovely emails have given us both great comfort and strength.

I am very happy to tell you that I did a test this afternoon and it was positive! Obviously we are both over the moon and still in disbelief to be quite honest. You’ve been like a guardian angel. When we first met I seriously felt like a shell, felt like I’d lost myself and didn’t know how to get back. You’ve helped me so so much. 

Thank you, thank you. 


I feel truly blessed to have met Cath, who after some Arvigo womb sessions (wow) became my therapist for two years. It has been a miraculous, deep, multi-dimensional healing cycle on every level: heart, head, body, and soul. Emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual. Cath saw me through a discombobulating time when the pandemic had changed my life course, stopped me in my tracks and forced me to deal with some big issues (some recent, others more historic) that had been swept under the carpet, but needed facing, processing and thanks to Cath, received deep healing on every level and dimension – present, past and future. I also had to navigate an unexpected health crisis – which Cath was also able to help me with thanks to her profound knowledge of the female body and our cycles, hormones, and nutrition. She was just so deeply understanding and sympathetic which itself was a balm and tonic to my heart, that I so needed. Cath is such an incredibly kind and open and warm person; I felt so immediately at ease with her and trusted her completely. Our sessions were profoundly holistic in every sense of that word. We would spend the first half of the session talking through my issues, and the second half I would lie on her warm bed and receive a beautiful Reiki treatment, which was somatic and soulful and I’ve honestly no words for those magical Reiki journeys and how profoundly healing they were /are. Grounding and physical and soulful and spiritual all at once. Cath is an attentive listener, and also such an amazing cheerleader. For someone who used to doubt myself so much, Cath’s deep listening and validation was healing in itself, also very confidence boosting. She opened up my ability to really trust myself, and my intuition, and most importantly I think, helped me to honour my experience and my truth in the face of gaslighting and other difficult dynamics in my life. I love Cath so much – she has blessed my life in so many magical and immeasurable ways. Thank you so, SO much. Georgia xxxx