• Pure plant-based products to support hormonal health, fertility & menopause •

• 100% Cruelty-free •

 • 100% Clean & free-from harmful chemicals, fillers & synthetic fragrances •

•  Just the natural, nutrient-dense ingredients you need, from ethical, organic sources •

• Hand-crafted and hand-poured in small batches in Somerset •

• Environmentally-friendly packaging to ensure it’s 100% kind to the planet too •

…and of course, beautiful because we want every part of it to feel wonderful

Candle heaven...

Frankly this is the nicest smelling candle I have ever come across….and I am a big candle enthusiast! I have it sitting on my desk now so I look at it every day…still struggling with the mental dilemna of wanting to burn it but never wanting it to run out! Jess

Amazing Eye Pillow

I couldn’t stop smiling!


The most beautiful gift to yourself...

The most beautioful gift to yourself as well as others! Packaged beautifully, such a treat to unwrap. 


Castor Oil Kit

Cath’s passion and kindness shine through her products and I can’t wait to use them all. It was a total treat opening the parcel and I love the bath salts too.


Castor Oil Kit

This was such an amazing order. It made my day when it arrived. Everyhting was packaged beautifully, and you could tell it was done with love. The note and gift were so kind and it hionestly felt like the best use of my money.


Botanical Bath Salts & Castor oil pack

Absolute incredible quality of all the products. The smell of the bath salts is divine. After using the castor oil pack I had a deep sense of calm and relaxation which I haven’t had for a while. Using the bath salts afterwards was the cherry on top! Receiving and opening the beautifully wrapped products and smelling them was a joy to behold. 


Botanical Bath Salts and castor oil balm

I love, love, love my bath salts. They work miracles. I highly recommend. The organic balm is extraordinary. I have sensitive skin but this works wonders. 


Castor Oil Balm

Really great balm with so many uses. Lovely and kind to my sensitive skin and very helpful for my back and joint pains too. The jar will last for ages but I’ll definitely repurchase!


Nourished my soul

The package I ordered from you arrived yesterday. I don’t tend to give feedback on things I buy but I am moved to this time because it was so very beautifully packaged and presented. There was so much care, time and attention to detail put into it it was absolutely a joy and exquisite to open. It nourished my soul. And I haven’t even tried the products yet! 😊 So thank you so much for this.



I am obsessed with Cath’s Her Wild Organics rose geranium and lavender candles. They are honestly the best, most delicious candles I have ever had. I’ve stopped buying other brands / scents, because none of them match the gorgeousness of these. Thank you so much Cath. My rooms now always feel so full of love and beauty and smell divine! 


Castor Oil Balm

The HWO Lavender Castor oil balm is just so beautiful and kind. I use it daily on my feet, my womb, my heart chakra and my neck, a self-care ritual that has really calmed my nervous system, wobbly digestion and my womb loves it. It also smells heavenly – its like giving myself and inner child a big hug. I feel protected by it all day long. 


Magnesium Butter

HWO Magnesium Butter with Frankincense… wow. The best magnesium butter I’ve ever used. I love the mystical, earthy/spiritual scent of the Frankincense. It feels like anointing myself every time I use it. It is so clear that Cath makes her treasures with so much love and care… they feel energetically protective, as well as loving, kind, soothing. I’ve been using the magnesium butter for womb massage, and it is a deep and gorgeous balm for her. Calming and easing my cramps. Thank you so much Cath.