Pregnancy & Postpartum

The combination of counselling, Reiki and Abdominal Therapy treatments are beautiful for supporting pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

The treatments are specialised for pregnancy encouraging the optimum position for your uterus and baby, relieving general pregnancy discomfort, helping to support a gentle birth, and helping you feel great.

Postpartum, the treatments nourish and support pelvic organs and their alignment as well as helping to soften and help repair any scar tissue from vaginal and c-birth deliveries.

The joy of this work is being able to use these approaches right the way through preconception, pregnancy, birth and in to the 4th Trimester, to help you feel healthy and supported.

Excellent for 

• Emotional and practical support for pregnancy, especially following loss or a difficult fertility journey

• Reiki sessions are beautifully gentle for pregnancy relaxation

• Abdominal therapy sessions support the optimum position for your uterus and baby throughout the pregnancy

• Allevaiting many pregnancy discomforts and helping to support a gentle birth

• Mother & baby sessions support, healing and postpartum care

• The support is always there for difficult times too, whether it’s helping to navigate challenging pregnancy complications or support you through loss. 

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