Booking a session

Arvigo® therapy / fertility massage

The session includes time to talk through what’s been happening for you, and a detailed history, so that the treatment can be tailored very specifically to your particular needs. It also includes time at the end of the session for teaching you the self care protocol so that you have these tools for yourself to deepen the effects of the treatment and continue your healing at home.

The initial session lasts approx 2.5 hours and costs £100

Follow up sessions last approx 1.5 – 2 hours and cost £75

The sessions also include any follow up resources on additional supportive modalities that I feel will be most helpful for you at home, as well as additional help to support you in between sessions.

Reiki can be included as part of the session too, creating a deeply integrated approach to taking care of you on all levels.

Reiki and emotional support

A Reiki treatment includes time to talk and lift the pressure off everything you’ve been going through, followed by time to drink in all the replenishment that your body needs to top your energy tank back up. This allows time to really understand where you’re at physically, emotionally and spiritually and a full deep healing session to allow your head, heart and body to breathe, relax, take in all the comfort and soothing that’s needed and re-set to a softer, more gentle frequency.

I usually allow approx 1.5 hours for the treatment, and the session costs £60

It is also possible to book in longer treatment sessions if you are coming from further afield, and would like to make a full retreat morning or afternoon of it, for a huge TLC boost. 

All sessions include any extra resources that I feel will be most helpful for you. 


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