Perineal Herbal Steam Blends

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An ancient herbal practice to bring warmth, relaxation and balance to the perineum. Also known as Yoni Steaming.

Perineal Herbal Steam Blends ~ 500 grams (for 2 steams), available in an Amber glass jar, or Kraft paper pouch.

The herbs have been grown organically and carefully blended by a Herbalist.



Fertility ~ Vitex berries |  Raspberry Leaf  |  Rose Petals  |  Motherwort

Period love ~ Calendula Flowers  |  Yarrow Leaf  |  Alchemilla Leaf  |  Mugwort Flowers  |  Crampbark Root

Mama ~ Motherwort  |  Schisandra Berries  |  Plantain  |  Rose  |  Calendula

Menopause ~ Dong Quai Root  |  Borage Leaf  |  Mallow Root and Leaf  |  Rose  |  Lavender Flowers

Womb love ~ Lavender  |  Chamomile  |  Yarrow  |  Jasmine  |  Calendula  |  Rosemary  |  Mistletoe  |  Lemon Balm


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  • An ancient practice that has been used by many cultures around the world
  • Brings warmth to the perineum, softening and relaxing the tissues it comes in to contact with
  • The use of specific herbs means the water vapour carries the benefits of the plants



Please see my page here for full details of how to use the steaming herbs.

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Perineal Herbal Blend

Fertility, Period Love, Mama, Menopause, Womb Love


Kraft paper pouch, Amber glass jar

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  1. A.S

    This steam blend is completely amazing – I have struggled through many months of PMS and painful periods – this blend has been so soothing and has massively improved my mood & the pain I’ve experienced during these difficult times. Beautifully packaged and would also make a thoughtful and joyful present. I will be ordering many more of these!

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