Period Peace : Menstrual Collection


A specially curated mix of Her Wild Organic products to help you feel at your best every day of the month.

The Collection supports healthy, balanced and peaceful periods. Made with pure, organic ingredients, and free from hormone-disrupting chemicals and synthetic fragrances. The Period Peace Collection combines the benefits of organic, cold-pressed (hexane-free) castor oil to help bring balance to the body, and Perineal Steaming Herbs for warmth, circulation and nourishment.


★ Cold-pressed Organic Castor Oil Liquid & Organic Cotton Flannel Cloth ~ 250ml & 40cm cloth

Everything you need to be able to do a full castor oil pack at home to gently support the reproductive system

★ Perineal Steaming Herbs – 100g (for 2 steams) in a Kraft Pouch or Amber glass jar

An ancient practice, also known as Yoni Steaming, using herbs to bring warmth and circulation to the reproductive system to help relax, balance and nourish.


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- Wonderfully nurturing, hormone-friendly, clean and organic.

- Free-from all synthetic ingredients that can be disruptive for hormones and well-being.

- Calming, relaxing and restorative, to help ease stress and promote balance.

- Allows you to create beautiful self-care rituals at home, to support your cycle and bring calm and balance to your period.



CYCLE SUPPORT~ to help support your body's natural healing and repair to ease common troubles, and get the best from your month

FERTILITY / IVF PREPARATION ~ when supporting your cycle plays a huge part in giving your fertility the very best chance possible

PERIMENOPAUSAL CHANGES ~ when cycles can feel especially impacted, and extra care is often needed to help smooth out the bumps in this transitional time.



+ Organic, cold-pressed, hexane-free, castor Oil Liquid – 250ml - amber glass bottle

+ 100% GOTS certified organic cotton flannel cloth (40cm x 40cm). Undyed and unbleached

+ Perineal Steaming Herbs - 100g - for 2 steams
Calendula Flowers | Yarrow Leaf | Alchemilla Leaf | Mugwort Flowers | Crampbark Root

+ Instruction leaflets with step by step instructions



It is so important to us that Her Wild Organics products feel beautiful to receive as well as to use, so the whole experience becomes one of TLC for you and your body. Products that feel good as well as do good.

For this reason, our Collections come gift wrapped and packaged using environmentally- friendly and recyclable packaging materials wherever we possibly can.

All ingredients in the products and the packaging are sourced as ethically as possible and a lot of care goes in to creating each and every parcel.



If you would like to curate your own Her Wild Organics parcel or hamper, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our wish is creating products that feel the most beautiful they can for you to use or as a gift to a loved one.



The cost of the Period Peace Collection includes free postage and packaging within Mainland UK.

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Steam herbs 100g Amber glass jar, Steam herbs 100g Kraft Pouch


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